A 14-year-old dog is unable to stand normally – emaciation, liver and kidney disease

The 14-year-old dog is emaciated, lethargic, unable to stand and has mild seizures. “A blood test is necessary” to check on the blood, liver and kidney,” I told the owner. The dog’s heart and lungs were normal on auscultation. Blood test showed liver and kidney disorders, anaemia and dehydration. There was no bacterial infections in the blood. Abdominal palpation did not reveal any pain or enlarged liver and kidneys.

An IV drip was given. Video shows the dog able to stand up after the IV dextrose saline drip. “My dog is able to stand and is stronger,” the owner told me. “My dog had thirst and peed a lot about one year ago. I feed him with the best food recommended by the pet shop.” The dog’s teeth had fallen out over the years. I advised hand-feeding the therapeutic diet of Hills K/D more frequently and multi-vitamin iron supplements.

For older dogs, it is best to get an annual check up and get his or her teeth checked. If the dog is very thirsty and pees a lot, early veterinary attention is needed as liver and kidney diseases may be present, as in this dog. A therapeutic diet enables the dog to live longer years.




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